Process Engineer

1. 根据工作指导书和流程及时编制正确、高效的加工工艺
2. 对客户图纸进行审图及可行性评估,对客户图纸进行内部图纸转绘,将技术信息转化为图纸规范要求以及准备工艺日常工作(转单)
3. 评估订单加工工艺可行性(平面度,平行度,公差,纯度,装配等要求),确保生产过程加工能力
4. 根据销售订单要求及生产工程部工艺标准制定合理的工艺单,为生产提供正确的加工指示.(用料尺寸计算,退料尺寸计算,用料方向,合理的掏料工艺,原料及辅料的规格选用,刀具的库存评估确认,新刀具需求评估等)
5. 在需要的时候为生产绘制2D和3D的图纸
6. 在CNC程序中定义加工参数(进给、转速等),选择合适的刀具和工装,来保证生产的质量,效率和成本


1. 至少2年单件小批量生产的数控机床工艺编制和编程经验
2. 对单件小批量规模的数控立铣、卧铣、立车和卧车机加工工艺有丰富的经验
3. 丰富的CNC车床和铣床编程经验(UG软件编程),有高速切削经验者更佳
4. 良好的CAD知识,有UG或Solid edge软件操作经历更佳
5. 具备很强的用CAM软件编制西门子802D,840D和Mazak控制系统的能力

Our Promise:

Convince us with your skills and strengths – in an experienced team, working on challenging tasks. With our leading-edge technologies and materials, you will have freedom to act and a wide range of development opportunities. Attractive remuneration as well as smart fringe benefits are part of our offer.

SGL Carbon is a leader in the development and manufacture of products based on specialty graphite and compo­sites materials. Using our comprehensive technology know-how and in close partnership with our customers, we develop intelligent and leading-edge solutions for the big issues of mobility, energy and digitization.

SGL Carbon has more than 4,700 employees worldwide and 31 sites in Europe, North America and Asia, and a ser­vice network in over 100 countries.

Publication Date:  Nov 23, 2022

Shanghai, SH, CN, 201-401

Business Unit:  Graphite Solutions
Legal Unit:  SGL Carbon Far East Ltd.
Functional Area:  Production/Operations/Maintenance
Employment Type:  Full time

Job Segment: Process Engineer, Engineer, Engineering